Katherine Tinteren-Klitzke designs textiles
design textiles

Textile Objects

Fabric - painted, dyed, torn, folded, layered, sewn or moulded round a framework - becomes a three-dimensional figure. Wool, thread and paper, Katherine Tinteren-Klitzke’s own hand-dyed fabrics items inherited from her grandmother: these materials determine the shaping of the artefacts. There are no sketches, no plan. The only rules are self-imposed. Adhesives and staplers are strictly banned. Katherine Tinteren-Klitzke values textile techniques, generally and unjustly regarded to be essentially feminine and unskilled, and puts them on the same level as the handling and use of materials such as pigments, solutions, stone and wood in the fine arts.


Kissen - Katherine Tinteren-Klitzkee

Mollusken - Katherine Tinteren-Klitzke

Above right: Symbiosis 5
Above left:
1) Symbiosis 2
2) Symbiosis 6